The Wise Wall Project is an initiative of Project FUEL and FUEL Foundation to document the rural wisdom of our villages and celebrate it through art murals.
The Wise Wall Project transforms villages into living classrooms, turning the walls of the same onto blackboards and canvases that uncover striking yet simple life learnings. These lessons are further designed and presented to the world through various mediums on our platform. The project aims to ignite a movement of transforming the long forgotten villages into open-air galleries, exhibiting human wisdom for anyone and everyone in the world to see and benefit from. We believe that knowledge is the most valuable currency there is, of stories-waiting to be told and waiting to unfold!
From tapping into the practical learning of the villagers laced with age-old philosophies, to developing empathy that encourages us to adapt the right attitude and take corrective actions to support our ancestral villages.

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Better Cotton Initiative 

BCI farmers in India form their own Farmer-owned collective and improve their livelihoods.

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Ranger Ranger - Mukha x Sonali Prasad x Vibhor Yadav

In the sandy folds of a wind sculpture,
under a crimson sky, her shadow gets
lighter and lighter as the sun sets.

Sukhpali, a thin 30-year old with
a long, luscious braid, walks briskly
into an arid expanse.

Racing on top a rocky mound,
she watches over what shimmers
like infinite gold -

The Great Indian Desert in
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

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For Bonsucro, Bonsucro is the leading global sustainability platform and standard for sugarcane, one of the world’s most important crops. Our purpose is to collectively accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane.
Dadu Fasteners
Digital Green is a global development organization that empowers smallholder farmers to lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the collective power of technology and grassroots-level partnerships.
GAP India
Westside x Tata Bhansali Trust Foundation
The art of defying gravity. The motorcycling way. #RoyalEnfield #MautKaKuan at #RiderMania 2018
Project Fuel x Vibhor Yadav - Postcards for Uttrakhand govt

Integrated Livelihood Support Project (ILSP), is a joint initiative of Government of Uttarakhand and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and being implemented in Uttarakhand in 44 blocks of 11 hill districts under the Rural Development department. ILSP is working to reduce poverty by enabling rural households to take up sustainable livelihood opportunities integrated with the wider economy.
The photostories are a celebration of the initiative and its beneficiaries. Capturing the different implemented projects of ILSP in the district of Tehri and Dehradun in Uttarakhand, the photos bring forward the wisdom and anecdotes from the lives of the villagers.
Stories from Road Trip Experience Project :)
Exhibition with St Art India foundation - Sasson Docks 
St + Art India -

Royal Enfield x Indian Army 

"TORNADOES", the popular Army Service Corps (ASC) Motorcycle Display Team
GuProject Fuel - Masterpiece Tour - Europe

In the third edition of Project FUEL’s Masterpiece Tour, we traveled to Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France and Hungary to collect life lessons of people affected by recent migrant crisis - both refugees, and citizens of the countries that have provided asylum to them.
The 90-day-tour was filled with the best possible human experiences and stories. The program focused on the creation of a knowledge base to bring twofold benefits. First, to have people relate to someone outside of their community by tapping into their empathic selves and second, in drawing out human-interest stories from lives that had increasingly become just a statistic of the conflict.
We studied integration to create enabling communities. Through a daily social media reach and on-ground activities, we humanised refugee stories through their life lessons. From 11-year olds writing letters to refugees to discussions with local authorities about effective tools of integration, we came closer to our vision of creating a more sustainable world.
At the end of the tour, we were honoured to be invited to speak at the United Nations headquarters in New York. We are currently in the process of creating a documentary, a photo-essay book and a curriculum based on the content collected from this Masterpiece Tour.

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Indian Army x Royal Enfield 

Himalayan Heights - DBO Ride

Wise Walls of Uttrakhand 
Coffee Table Book.
Project Fuel x Uttrakhand Government

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