Hey, I’m Vibhor Yadav. Photographer and filmmaker based in India. Documenting my journey and the process. Years on today, photography has made me a storyteller, a student, an artist, and a traveler, and most importantly, it’s made me more than just a guy with a camera. 
Other than running a full time photography and filmmaking studio executing campaigns and full end to end production projects I also do a lot of creative collaborations with brands and with that I have also started a Youtube channel integrating the same involving Tech, Cameras, Travel and educational content. 
The Youtube Channel!
We have worked with some brilliant brands across the world creating content for them with our own vision, art direction and skills! My partner and I work as a team to execute these together as she's the perfect model and it feels more authentic! Sharing some of our favourites down below -


Moment Brand - Featuring the Moment Tele Lens 58 mm with the Moment case for the iPhone 15 pro! Not just capturing the product photos but creating beautiful imagery using the same product! We really deep dive with these products! Especially when we love them :)
Polar Pro - Shows the true nature of these products and where they belong - Out on the field :)

Zenma Frozen Coffee - Creating content around the coffee how it's supposed to be used in our own studio.
The Kumaon - We had a great time at the property shooting their official campaign and also creating some extra content! Authentic Travel and lifestyle imagery is so much fun to create! 

We stayed at this beautiful property and documented all our experiences together! 
Elevar - As an athlete myself, I loved shooting this! 
It's good to shoot and be in front of the camera as well! This collab was a great integration with my fitness and football routine!
Another great product collab!

Namo Monk Incense - Using the product in real scenarios and again shot in our home studio :)
I love Camera bags and adventures! And I have no plan to change that!
Another thing I love - SNEAKERS! And you will see that in the next three collabs! 

I straightaway fell in love with this pair!
These actually look delicious!
Royal Enfield Lifestyle - We make the most of our travels and we go to some pretty unique and beautiful places!

We love creating content even at cozy homes stays when we are absolutely doing nothing! There is a certain charm about that. :)

Mehak loves saris! And I love capturing her!

This collab involved a lot of chilled beers in Spiti! 
Some more Unboxing, Gear, Trips!

SPONSORSHIP/COLLABS If you are looking to do collaborations, offer sponsorships, or any other requests, hit me up here: info@vibhoryadav.com or reach out at +91-9873914098

Our Socials - 
Vibhor - https://www.instagram.com/vibhor__yadav/
Mehak - https://www.instagram.com/mehek__mehra/
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