Vibhor Yadav x Nipun Madan x Shashank Chandak
Lyric video for the cover of No Reason by Bonobo feat Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker

Location - The beautiful village Saur. The Wise Wall Project hosted by Project FUEL sponsored by RoundGlass. When artists Poornima Sukumar, Deepak Ramola, Niteesh Yadav, Neerav Doshi Ghana and Laila Vazirallili created heaven on earth. A big shout out to Team FUEL (Aprajita Pathak, Apoorva Bakshi, Ekta Agarwall, Shraddha Bakshii), my fellow creator Sabit Tisekarr, village dwellers of Saur and the following who made this happen. Nothing could ever be this real!
Vibhor Yadav x Farhan Husain!

In lush green mountains of Tehri Garhwal, resides a small quaint village called 'Saur'. Out of the 200 plus families that used to live there now only 12 are left due to migration. The village is often referred to as a 'Ghost village' in popular media. Faces of Saur are often spoken about and seen in context to their geographical landscape. Saur Photobooth is an attempt to explore innocence, quirks, simplicity of the vibrant villagers outside of their immediate setting. The backdrop is plain black and the model all shades of color, joy and life 😊

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Vibhor Yadav x Deepak Ramola - Unposted Postcards

We write postcards for people 💛
Check our all our Postcards or request a postcard for someone :)

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Vibhor Yadav x Bombay Atelier


The crow is a striking bird, seen over the city of Mumbai.
They are not considered to be the most amicable birds around, but we find them to be dark, striking and dramatic. 
We wanted to capture the strength and elegance of the crow, hence the "Crow chair" came to exist. 

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Vibhor Yadav x Avantika Kochar

Currently teaching classical ballet, contemporary dance, and various styles of yoga in countries – India, China, Italy, Costa Rica, Austria, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and the UK. She is also a somatic movement therapist helping dancers strengthen, release and balance their bodies through the method of Physio-Mental Development.

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Vibhor Yadav x Nori Norbhu

After being a part of the Roadtrip Project in Odisha, a road trip that takes 15 creators around the state to experience all that there is and to collaborate as creators. 

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Vibhor Yadav x Roadtrip Experience Project

"You will never know what you are looking for until you find something that isnt yours."

"Shine so bright that your light becomes someone else's spotlight"

"There are ones who do things and then there are others who experience"

"Let life lead you and balance the crisp crunch and crumble"

"Tell me and I forget ,teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn"

"Just cross the river"

A fun double exposure portraits collab with The Road Trip Experience Project!

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Vibhor Yadav x Dhruv Sethi x Corridors 

It was a roadtrip with friends (2 photographers and a musician) creating content for one another! :)

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Vibhor Yadav x Deepak Ramola - Woh 12 din
12 days, 12 poems with pictures from a roadtrip!

मुझे वक़्त लगता है
बात कहने में
साथ चलने में
चुप रहने में
कह देने में
मुझे वक़्त लगता है
रगों से दौड़ती खुशी जब
सीने को पिघलाके
चढ़ती है दिमाग़ पे
तो सब
कुछ पलों के लिए सुन्न होता है
लब घबराके 
हड़बड़ाहट में
सख़्त किसी जेलर की तरह
लफ़्ज़ों पे निगरानी रखते हैं
गले की तह तक जाकर आवाज़ ढूँढना
शब्द के साथ बाँधकर परोसने में
मुझे वक़्त लगता है
मुझे वक़्त लगता है 
अपने दिल की गहराई महसूस करने में
मुझे वक़्त लगता है 
अपनों की तन्हाई दूर करने में
भूलने में, याद रखने में
खिल के मुरझाने, मुरझा के खिलने में
अकेले रास्ते पर अकेले चलने में
नये माहौल में ढलने में
ये सब समेट कर तुमसे बाँटने में
मुझे वक़्त लगता है
आपके वक़्त में से कुछ वक़्त चाहिए 
ये वक़्त माँगने में भी
मुझे वक़्त लगता है

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Vibhor Yadav x Chetna Misra
A trip to Dubai for a fun collab with an amazing artist!

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