Vibhor is a delhi based photographer who has a keen eye for detail and an aperture for perspectives.

His work has been featured in major publications like Shortlist Magazine,London, Auto X, Better Interiors, Inside Outside, Zig Wheels, Good Homes, Bike India amongst others.

A graduate degree in architecture delivered to him an eye for detail; the right mechanism to capture what's outside while within the provisions. It is also what set his career as a photographer, in concrete. Since boyhood, curiosity entwined itself into his persona. With a childhood spent backpacking across the Indian subcontinent, a zeal for the new and unknown always kept him on his toes. Being persistent and gentle, with patience by his lens; he taught himself all that he shows for, now.

When he's not working diligently on an assignment, you can find him deliriously working to perfect the art, obsessing over a graphic novel or a game of football.

Vibhor Yadav

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